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The TVA-1000 incorporates both a PID and an FID, eliminating the need for two different instruments.  It provides fast and accurate readings of organic and inorganic vapors and meets EPA Method 21 specifications for monitoring fugitive emissions. 

Measurements are indicated on two digital displays: an LCD on the control panel simultaneously indicates readings from both detectors, while the field- sampling display on the probe shows one concentration at a time.

Data is collected and stored at user programmable intervals and can be downloaded to a PC using software that comes with the rental unit.  The TVA-1000 is housed in a NEMA Type 3 enclosure. UHP hydrogen fuel is available for purchase.


LDAR-Search and location of flammable gas leaks

Ideal tool for uses in areas classified as zone zero flammable

Method 21 Sampling

Manufacturing plants or factories

Methane Detection

Medical and hygiene

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